DownUnder CTF 2023

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The B01lers made quite an impressive start to the year at DownUnder CTF 2023! With the competition attracting over 2000 teams, our squad showcased their dedication and skills, securing a commendable 34th place finish. Solving a total of 39 out of 68 challenges, it was a testament to our team’s problem-solving abilities and determination.

The event not only demonstrated our competitive spirit but also celebrated the strong sense of community within the B01lers. The enthusiastic turnout at our meeting was inspiring, as both seasoned members and newcomers came together to tackle the challenges DownUnder CTF presented.

As we embark on this new CTF season, we’re excited about the opportunities ahead. The DownUnder CTF performance sets a promising tone for the year, and it’s heartening to see fresh faces eager to contribute to our success. With the enthusiasm and talent of our team, we’re looking forward to an exceptional year filled with exciting challenges and memorable victories.

B01lers Team

B01lers Team

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